Ted Fitzgerald

Founder - Chief Executive

Ted has been in the direct sales industry for over 17 years and brings a vast amount of business experience to HHG. Prior to his direct sales career, Ted built many businesses from the ground up including athletic clubs, restaurants and other retail establishments. His knowledge in finance, marketing, and operations will help take HHG to the upper echelons of the direct sales industry.

Over his 17 year career in direct sales, Ted has hit the top positions in every company he has been involved in. He has built organizations of over 55,000 distributors with over $10 million in yearly group revenue. As a member of the elite club of documented direct sales millionaires, his passion for helping people is what drove him to start Healthy Habits Global.

Ted had a mission to start a company that always thought of the distributors and customers first. He was very diligent in selecting his executive staff, making sure they all shared the same vision, passion and integrity. Ted states “Our goal is to change the lives of people around the world on our way to becoming a billion dollar company.".

Kevin Michael Tornai

Co-Founder - Executive Vice President

Kevin has been in the direct sales industry for over 10 years and brings an immense amount of business and leadership experience to HHG. Prior to his direct sales career Kevin “Sarge” had served nearly 5 years in the United States Marine Corps. After receiving an honorable discharge in 2003 he carried forward the same discipline and leadership traits into the civilian sector and has achieved high levels of success in his sales and marketing career. Today he has found himself very passionate and purpose driven to help distributors break barriers, face fears and to simply dream again.

Josh D Nelson

Co-Founder and Vice President of Sales

Josh Nelson has been involved in Direct Sales for over 11 years and has massive success building leaders in many countries around the world with tens of thousands of team members. Josh was the #1 income earner in his last company for 5 years straight and practices what he preaches. He has hit the top ranks in multiple companies and has built a proven system that is now a part of HHG. He has experience helping companies build compensation plans that always put the reps first. He brings international market experience as well as well as being a mentor to many top income earners around the world. His passion is people and lives to see others succeed and achieve their dreams and goals through this industry as he has, along with his wife and 2 children. Josh Nelson is a true believer that the biggest assets you have are your integrity, morals, and character and is never willing to compromise them for anything. He's been through it all in this industry and is passionate about sharing his experiences with the masses to help them reach financial freedom.

Josh Nelson said “I may be a Co-Owner at HHG, but I am a rep at heart. I am here to serve the HHG business partners and see millions of lives enhanced through this amazing company!”


Kambree Nelson

Co-Founder and Vice President of Field Relations

Kambree Nelson brings 7 dedicated years in the direct selling industry to HHG. As a #1 Income Earner in her previous company and the marketing director on the corporate side of another company, Kambree Nelson brings a tremendous amount of experience to HHG from all facets of the industry. She has built teams of 10’s of thousands of reps in many countries as well as built successful training systems that have been responsible for 10’s of millions of dollars in revenue. Kambree Nelson is the definition of a servant leader and is known to many for always putting others needs before her own. She has traveled the world speaking, mentoring, and developing top earners that have achieved massive success. Kambree Nelson's passion in life is people. She thrives on the success of others and knows that her God given gift is servant leadership. Kambree Nelson has very high standards when it comes to integrity and ethics. Kambree has been featured on NBC news for her success in the industry and has been an inspiration to many around the world. Kambree is an example of what this industry can provide. Being a single mother of 2, despite the odds against her, fought through the ups and downs and has become one of the most respected women in this industry. Kambree Nelson feels that as a co-owner at HHG she can use the full potential of her experience and gifts to help millions of people achieve whatever level of success they want.